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Student Rate - $65 monthly


The mission of the Crossfit Calisthenics program is to create a positive, encouraging, and challenging environment to help people of all fitness levels take another step in the journey to becoming stronger, healthier, more disciplined individuals. This program exists to help people realize that being disciplined and creating the mental strength to take control of their health leads to a more effective and full life in every area. 

No barbells or heavy lifting here. There are no movements or exercises to be afraid of in this program. The CrossCal workouts are 25-45 minute high intensity times of training with bodyweight exercises such as calisthenics and plyometrics. The high intensity style of the exercise burns fat, builds lean muscle, increases agility, improves cardio health, and has a number of other benefits.

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Meet the Coach

Jamison Price

Jamison is passionate about seeing people take a next step in their fitness Journey. Whether it's an individual who is completely new to fitness or it's an athlete ready to get stronger, faster, and gain more endurance. He's passionate about seeing people meet goals that they set through encourage but challenging training. His experience includes a number of coaching certifications, experience in collegiate athletics, a group fitness certification, and he is currently pursuing his personal training certification.